Our story this months starts with Intel and its restructuring, the rumors circulating indicate massive layoffs and even complete shutdown of the Bangalore office... Is it true? Only time and Intel'ians will tell. Till then read the stories and share your comments with other readers of EDAIndia.com
Intel expected to cut thousands of jobs
Intel to swing the axe in Indian offices next
Intel Bangalore office to close or downsize big time

While Intels India story seems a bit shaky, others are testing the waters or even expanding their business in India. Can they go right where others have failed? read on at
Stone laid for TAPP's facility
Freescale India expands presence in Bangalore
First Software, Now Hardware Development Moves to India
India, Taiwan explore partnership in chip industry
Multinationals test small town Indians

Complex semiconductor IP is an Indian opportunity

For all the brain drain stories we heard in our childhood. We can finally say that talent goes where it is respected.... (I doubt our HRD Minister understand this.)
When tech brains depart Silicon Valley
Rajendra Khare quits Broadcom India, ready to walk the talk
U.S. study reportedly details U.S. chip design exodus

And for those of you hunting for a job or just stuck in a rut...
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Best (Hiring) Practices
The jobs paradox
Don't Expect Confidentiality
How to Handle a Boss Who Takes Credit for Your Work
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How Too Many Long Hours Can Be Bad for Your Career
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Writing the perfect IT management CV

And in other News
The End Of Open WLAN Standards
Status of Project IEEE 802.11n
US PTO office Rejects Synopsys Patent
EETimes.com - Rambus deceived chip markets, says FTC
Accellera Approves New VHDL Standard, an Applications Programming Interface (VHPI)
Marvell wants to be the next Texas Instruments